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2016 (July), Make Me Love You

2016 (July), Make Me Love You

One duel could be considered a matter of honor, but three duels are attempted murder! With enlightened society outraged at such reckless behavior among young noblemen, the Prince Regent orders Robert Whitworth, the earl of Tamdon’s heir, and Lord Dominic Wolfe to end their dispute by allying their families through marriage. Whichever party refuses to … Continue reading

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Johanna Lindsey

Johanna Lindsey

Welcome to this blog on one of my favourite authors, Johanna Lindsey. I searched through the internet for a blog on her where we, as fans, could comment, as well as find information. But found none that suited my needs so I thought I would begin one.

Feel free to browse through the articles and comment. It would be a pleasure to meet other fans of this lovely author!

And who knows, maybe one day, Ms Lindsey herself may chance upon this blog and choose to comment.



With "Make Me Love You", Ms Lindsey completes her 53rd novel! I am sure all of her fans will join me in sending in a very joyous felicitation accompanied by gratitude and love.