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19th Century America, By Year of Publication, Southern Series

1983 (December), Heart of Thunder

Wealth and breeding had prepared her to be a fine young lady, yet her softly lustrous allure could not conceal the headstrong spirit which no man had conquered. Let any man try, and he faced a hellcat’s fury. One man dared take Samantha Kingsley by force. With a passion had felt for no other woman, he awakened in Samantha a desire she had never known.

But this man, driven by injustice into the life of an outlaw, also wanted her father’s land. And if her father didn’t kill him. Samantha vowed to kill him herself. But she could not kill her heart. Though his arrogance enraged her, and his boldness frightened her, his life was hers . . . their destinies bound by a love not even fate could destroy.

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One thought on “1983 (December), Heart of Thunder

  1. I loved this one… most of these earlier novels had such powerful story lines and strong characterization!

    Posted by hc | June 24, 2010, 9:19 pm

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