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2001 (April), Heart of a Warrior

At first, Brittany Callaghan thinks she’s dreaming. Afer all, she’s not used to seeing blond, nearly seven-feet-tall Nordic gods in her tiny California town. But when the spectacular-looking Viking turns up on her doorstep, Brittany knows her dream man is very real.

Though a stunning, statuesque beauty herself, intelligent and independent Brittany has struggled hard to cam respect in a man’s world. So she is somewhat taken aback when her visitor – whose name is Dalden – informs her that he is, in fact, a barbarian warrior. But Dalden is a long way from home and needs her help – and is willing to pay for it – so if he fancies himself a savage, that’s fine with her. Besides, he’s had Brittany’s blood running red-hot since the first time she saw him, and warrior or no, she’d like to get to know this gorgeous giant a lot better!

But the truth is a very rude awakening for the curvaceous West Coast lady. For Dalden is exactly what he claims to be. Where he comes from, brute strength is the law, men are all-powerful, and their women always obey. As bold and brash as she is beautiful, Brittany isn’t going to be subservient to any man, even one who is everything she ever wanted in a lover, and whose very touch sets her senses afire. If she and her Norse god are ever going to get serious, something is definitely going to have to give.

Still, Dalden is a warrior to the depths of his soul – proud, powerful, and brave – a man who will fight fearlessly and relentlessly for what he wants. And now what he wants most of all is Brittany…

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4 thoughts on “2001 (April), Heart of a Warrior

  1. the la-san-ter fam: series i loved and i hope that mrs lindsey is planning to ad another book to this series. Also the Mallory clan i was so happy to see that finally Boyd Anderson book is coming out in 2010 can,t wait I highly recommend all Johanna Linsey books they are fun,romantic i aleways have to laugh when regina comes into play in the Mallory series. Are there any more books coming out for the Haadrad fam: seiie I sure hope so.

    Posted by Conny | November 10, 2009, 10:23 pm
  2. I love the Lyn-San-Ter series and I truly hope that they will be continued. They three books that are in the series have become my favorite books! I highly recommend the series to anyone who is looking for a romantice adventure series with a strong plot and wonderful writing!

    Posted by Shan | April 13, 2011, 10:15 pm
  3. Dear Ms Lindsey
    I just wanted to tell you that your book Heart of a Warrior is the best book I’ve ever known!
    I would love to see it be made into a movie. Have you ever thought about making it into a movie. It would so awesome!

    Posted by Sandra Hudson | August 29, 2012, 9:30 am
  4. I am a fan of Warrior’s Women and would love, love to see it in a movie. We need these types of movies so bad, Fifty Shades who!!!!

    Posted by The Halloween Pickle | June 7, 2015, 4:10 am

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