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Main Character List

Captive Bride(Pd. 1977)- Christina & Phillip

A Pirate’s Love(Pd. 1978)- Bettina & Tristan

Fires of Winter(Pd. 1980)- Brenna & Garrick

Paradise Wild(Pd. 1981)- Corrine & Jared

Glorious Angel(Pd. 1982)- Angela and Bradford

So Speaks the Heart(Pd. 1983)- Brigitte & Rowland

Heart of Thunder(Pd. 1983)- Samantha and Hank

A Gentle Fueding(Pd. 1984)- Sheena & Jamie

Brave the Wild Wind(Pd. 1984)- Jessie & Chase

Tender is the Storm(Pd. 1985)- Sharise and Luke/Slade

Love Only Once(Pd. 1985)- Regina & Nicholas

When Love Awaits(Pd. 1986)- Leonie and Rolfe

A Heart so Wild(Pd. 1986)- Courtney & Chandos

Hearts Aflame(Pd. 1987)- Kristen & Royce

Secret Fire(Pd. 1987)- Katherine and Dimitri

Silver Angel(Pd. 1988)- Chantelle and Derek

Tender Rebel(Pd. 1988)- Roslynn & Anthony

Defy Not Thy Heart(Pd. 1989)- Reina and Ranulf

Savage Thunder(Pd. 1989)- Jocelyn & Colt

Warrior’s Woman(Pd. 1990)- Tedra and Challen

Gentle Rogue(Pd. 1990)- Georgina & James

Once a Princess(Pd. 1991)- Tanya & Stefan

Prisoner of My Desire(Pd. 1991)- Rowena and Warrick

Man of my Dreams(Pd. 1992)- Megan & Devlin

The Magic of You(Pd. 1993)- Amy & Warren

Angel(Pd. 1992)- Cassie & Angel

Keeper of the Heart(Pd. 1993)- Shannelle and Falon

You Belong To Me(Pd. 1994)- Alexandra & Vasili

Surrender My Love(Pd. 1994)- Ericka & Selig

Love me Forever(Pd. 1995)- Kimberly & Lachlan

Until Forever(Pd. 1995)- Roseleen and Thorn

Say You Love Me(Pd. 1996)- Kelsey & Derek

All I Need is You(Pd. 1997)- Casey & Damien

The Present(Pd. 1985)- Anastasia & Christopher

Joining(Pd. 1999)- Milisant and Wulfric

The Heir(Pd. 2000)- Sabrina and Duncan

Home for the Holidays(Pd. 2000)- Larissa and Vincent

Heart of a Warrior(Pd. 2001)- Brittany and Dalden

The Pursuit(Pd. 2002)- Melissa & Lincoln

A Man to Call My Own(Pd. 2003)- Marian & Chad; Amanda & Spencer

A Loving Scoundrel(Pd. 2004)- Dannette & Jeremy

Captive of My Desires(Pd. 2006)- Gabrielle & Drew

Marriage Most Scandalous(Pd. 2007)- Margaret & Sebastian

The Devil Who Tamed Her(Pd. 2007)- Ophelia & Raphael

No Choice But Seduction(Pd. 2008)- Katey & Boyd

A Rogue of my Own (Pd. 2009)- Rebecca & Rupert

Promised to a Rogue (Pd. 2010)- Julia & Richard

When Passion Rules (Pd. 2011)– Alana & Christoph

Let Love Find You (Pd. 2012)- Amanda & Devin

One Heart to Win (Pd. 2013)- Tiffany (Jennifer) & Hunter

Stormy Persuasion (Pd. 2014)- Judith & Nathan

Wildfire In His Arms (Pd. 2015) – Degan & Maxine

Make Me Love You (2016) – Dominic & Brooke

Beautiful Tempest (2017) – Damon & Jacqueline

Marry Me By Sundown (2018) – Morgan & Violet

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8 thoughts on “Main Character List

  1. “Leonie and Rolfe” would have to be a personal favourite. Not just because they happen to be the first couple I read about in a Lindsey novel, but because each has his or her own charm. It is a beautiful grafting of two strong characters that fuses into a single and inevitable union.

    Rolfe is one of the most virile and mentally strong characters, befitting the era in which the novel is created. Leonie is wonderful as the healer who, despite dimunitive stature (if I remember correctly), is one of the strongest heroines I have read about – and I don’t mean physically 🙂 or else I would have chosen Tedra. 😉

    Posted by hc | August 12, 2008, 12:52 am
  2. I just finished A Man to Call My Own and the characters that should be listed togeter are: Marian and Chad with Amanda and Spenser.

    I do love this list though, when I’m trying to decide if I want to re-read a book it’s usually the characters that I remember and not the titles so having this kind of list is GREAT. Thank you for all the time that was put into creating it.

    A fan

    Posted by T. Whichard | May 20, 2010, 1:25 pm
  3. I love the list. I just wanted to point out that Ophelia married Raphiel Locke in The Devil who Tamed Her and Sabrina and Duncan married in The Heir. Great Job though

    Posted by Angel Zenda Hope May | August 11, 2011, 2:23 pm
  4. You have forgotten to correct the partners in A Man to Call My Own as posted by T. Whichard (May 20, 2010). Thanks for the list.

    Posted by Bernie Meriño | September 29, 2011, 11:30 am
  5. I didn’t see Vasili or Alexandra on this list from You Belong to me.

    Posted by Francine Price | October 10, 2014, 7:22 am

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