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2018 (July), Marry Me By Sundown

marry-me-by-sundown-9781501162237_hr#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey takes you on a captivating adventure in 1880s Montana where passions and gold fever run high as an American heiress turns to a rugged mountain man to help her locate her father’s fortune.

Summoned back to Philadelphia from the social whirl in London, Violet Mitchell never expected to find her brothers living on the edge of financial ruin while their father seeks new wealth in Montana’s gold fields. With the family’s home and social standing at risk, Violet makes a drastic decision.

Morgan Callahan rode away from his family’s cattle ranch to make his own fortune. Now as he finishes exploiting a mother lode of silver, a young woman claiming to be his late partner’s daughter turns up wanting to be taken to her father’s mine. Suspecting that the pretty schemer works for the mining outfit that is trying to steal his land, he has no qualms about snatching her and holding her at his camp where she can do no harm.

Morgan underestimated the new thorn in his side. Determined to claim what rightfully belongs to her family, Violet summons up the courage, grit, and spunk to cope with the hazards and discomforts of an untamed land and the disturbingly masculine stranger who holds her fate in his hands. But an error of judgment brings down a hailstorm of calamity and danger that upends her plans and deepens her bond to a man who is not the brilliant match a lady wishes to make but could be all that a strong, passionate woman desires.

2017 (July), Beautiful Tempest

beautifultempestBook 12 in the Malory Family Series

#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey now reveals the tempestuous story of Jacqueline Malory whose furious desire for revenge leads to a confrontation with the handsome pirate who abducted her – and sparks a much steamier kind of desire.

For the first time, James Malory and his Anderson in-laws agree on something: It’s payback time for the culprit who kidnapped James and Georgina’s beloved daughter Jack from her American debutante party and whisked her away to the Caribbean, no matter that she escaped unscathed. James figured out who masterminded the dastardly plot and is leading a fleet of ships to the West Indies to deliver some Malory-style retribution.

More interested in revenge than in finding a husband during her first London Season, Jack is furious that her father left her behind. Then an intriguing stranger leads her and her older brother Jeremy to her mysterious abductor. But instead of capturing him, the Malory siblings wind up as his ” guests” on a ship sailing away from England. As Jack re-engages in a battle of wills with her all too attentive captor, she realizes he is no ordinary pirate, perhaps no pirate at all, but a nobleman determined to settle a score that dates back to the days when her father was known as Captain Hawk – and what endangers her most is the increasingly passionate attraction they feel for each other.

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2016 (July), Make Me Love You

make-me-love-youOne duel could be considered a matter of honor, but three duels are attempted murder! With enlightened society outraged at such reckless behavior among young noblemen, the Prince Regent orders Robert Whitworth, the earl of Tamdon’s heir, and Lord Dominic Wolfe to end their dispute by allying their families through marriage. Whichever party refuses to comply will forfeit his lands and title.

Whitworth relishes the idea of sending his younger sister Brooke to his enemy’s remote estate. He knows the Wolf will reject her as a bride, thereby losing his wealth and status. The Wolf, however, is determined to scare away the Whitworth chit. With dueling no longer an available means of destroying the man he abhors, he will be satisfied to see him lose his lands and title. But he hadn’t expected his enemy’s sister to be so resourceful or resilient.

Brooke Whitworth has been dreaming of her first Season in London because she intends to win a husband who will take her far away from her unloving family. Instead, she is being sent to the Yorkshire moors to wed a mysterious nobleman whose family is cursed and who has thrice tried to kill her brother. But there’s no room in her heart for fear; this man is her means of escape. She will make him love her!


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2015 (June), Wildfire In His Arms

wildfire-in-his-armsWith his work in Montana completed now that the Callahan-Warren feud has ended in marriage rather than bloodshed, Degan Grant sets out for California because it is far away from the home he wants to forget—until the US Marshal who saved his life calls in a favor. All Degan has to do is apprehend three outlaws on the marshal’s list and turn them over to the law. Easy enough, he figures, for a man no one wants to tangle with.

But then a bold young woman crosses his path. Maxine grew up so pretty and attracted so much unwanted attention in her Texas hometown that events spiraled out of control. She will try anything to escape the handsome, enigmatic gunfighter who intends to turn her over to a corrupt sheriff who will hang her instead of putting her on trial.

Saddled with a sassy, spirited young woman who insists she is innocent, Degan must hunt down a vicious killer and keep an old enemy at bay. But forced into intimate proximity with his beguiling prisoner, he finds his desire sparking into a wildfire of passion, and he can no longer deny that it is time for them to risk confronting their pasts so he can have a chance at a future with her in his arms forever.

2014, Stormy Persuasion

stormy-persuasion-9781476714295_hr#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey returns to the dazzlingly passionate world of the Malorys, an aristocratic family of rakehell adventurers and spirited ladies, in a thrilling new tale of unbridled desires.

Judith and Jacqueline Malory are not simply cousins; they are inseparable best friends. Refusing to miss Jacqueline’s come-out in Connecticut, Judy convinces her parents, James and Georgina, to let her delay her London debut by a few weeks so she can accompany her cousin. Neither girl intends to fall in love during her first Season. But Judy’s plans are overturned when aboard ship she comes face-to-face with the ghost who has been haunting her dreams.

Unknown to the Malorys, deckhand Nathan Tremayne is a smuggler with a noose around his neck. Determined to carry out a covert mission in America that could gain him a pardon, Nathan senses that Judith is trouble. Somehow the minx knows his secret—and now she’s blackmailing him into doing her bidding—teaching her how to climb the rigging and how to kiss. While passions can soar on the high seas, Nathan knows this aristocratic beauty is merely amusing herself with a scoundrel like him.

When the unthinkable happens in Connecticut and the elder Malorys’ hands are tied, Nathan takes command of a dire situation. Captaining his own ship, he turns the tables on Judy and steers them into uncharted waters, where a lady might just throw caution to the wind and give her heart to a scoundrel.

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

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The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 120,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 5 days for that many people to see it.

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2013 (June), One Heart To Win

onehearttowinLindsey’s golden anniversary 50th novel!

#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey presents a passionate novel of hidden identities, family secrets, and love that transcends a fifty-year feud set in the majestic ranchland of 1880s Montana Territory.

Some young ladies marry for money and social standing, a few lucky ones marry for love – but Tiffany Warren is marrying to end a feud.

Honoring her mother’s promise, Tiffany reluctantly travels west to meet her estranged father and his enemy’s eldest son, rancher Hunter Callahan. Once the Warrens and the Callahans are united by marriage, both clans will stop squabbling over a disputed strip of land.

In the chaos of a train robbery Tiffany seizes a golden opportunity: By assuming the identity of her father’s new housekeeper she can live with the father she never knew and assess his true character, as well as that of the neighboring cowboy to whom she is betrothed.

But, too late, Tiffany discovers that the rivalry between the Warrens and the Callahans has escalated when the Callahans steal the Warrens’ housekeeper as soon as she steps off the train! Now, Tiffany, who is pretending to be Jennifer Fleming, finds herself living in the enemy camp, under the same roof as her fiance. All too soon she learns her intended is a handsome, sweet talking charmer whom she has to fight off because he can’t keep his eyes – or his hands – off Jennifer.

After Tiffany’s charade is exposed she refuses to marry Hunter to end the feud. As Hunter goes about claiming his rightful bride-to-be, he knows that although he loves two women – proper, elegant Tiffany as well as spunky, passionate Jennifer – he has only one heart to win.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 150,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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2012 (June), Let Love Find You

Hardcover release scheduled for 12th June, 2012.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey sweeps readers into the ballrooms and country houses of England’s elite society in the sparkling, passion-filled tale of a desperate debutante who learns in a most delightful way that she can’t fight her scandalous attraction to her virile matchmaker.

Lady Amanda Locke has struck out miserably in her two Seasons on the marriage mart. Beautiful, titled, and charming – even if she does talk a bit too much, Amanda doesn’t understand why love eludes her. Even her father, the Duke of Norford, is so perplexed he is prepared to take drastic measures to ensure his daughter’s happiness. Now, as Amanda begins her third Season, she gets a little help from Cupid, a darkly handsome horse breeder whose knowledge of basic animal attraction has guided him in arranging more than a few successful matches between the young ladies and gentlemen of the ton. Hired by Amanda’s family, Devin Baldwin produces results for Amanda and soon she is happy to be courted by one of his clients, the dashing Viscount Altone. In order to secure Amanda’s match to a nobleman obsessed with horse racing, Devin must teach Amanda how to overcome her fear of horses. But as Devin shows her the joys of riding, hunting, and racing, will their own hearts run astray as Amanda finds herself falling in love with Cupid himself?

(Thanks to Rika Ashton for getting in the blurb. 🙂 )

Cover created by yours truly. Shall change to the original cover as that is made available. I have placed the novel in the categories dealing with the Reid Family Series.

The Malory Family Tree

*Note: an oversight led me to name Warren and Amy’s children as Malorys, they are of course, Andersons.

Hello, everyone.

Just wanted to write in here and wish everyone a warm hello. I am so glad to know that this blog has been liked by so many fans of Johanna Lindsey. It also has 49 followers! One more and we get 50! Trust me, I didn’t realise that it would be liked at all, so it really is a pleasure to know that the work is appreciated.

How is everyone finding the last book “When Passion Rules”? I am waiting for it to release in paperback. The setting is something I look forward to reading and the plot seems quite interesting. I know there are a lot of Malory family fans who will probably throw stuff at me for saying this, but I am glad Lindsey stayed away from Regency England for a change. 😀

Well, do keep posting comments, I read them all, though I may not get a chance to write in replies every time. I apologise in advance for that but do know that your feedback is deeply required and appreciated.

Until the next,


Changed the Look

A very warm hello to all of you.

I thought the blog could do with a revamp and so I have changed the look.

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I hope you all like the new feel to the blog. It has better options for accessibility.

2011 (June), When Passion Rules

When Passion Rules

Assassin Leonard Kastner agrees to commit an abhorrent crime for an astronomical sum – kill the infant heir to the European kingdom of Lubinia. Just as he is about to carry out the heinous deed, the baby awakens.and smiles at him. Losing his heart to tiny Alana Stindal, Leonard sweeps her out of their homeland to safety in England where he conceals her true identity from her and gives her an education fit for a queen. Eighteen years later, when the king of Lubinia faces a revolt because he has not produced another legitimate heir, Leonard knows he must take Alana home to prevent a civil war. But at the Lubinian palace no one believes Alana is the missing princess. Christoph Becker, the captain of the palace guards, arrests Alana because he suspects she is a pretender or a seductive assassin. When the king recognizes Alana as his long-lost daughter he proudly betroths her to the one man he believes is capable of protecting her and eliminating the shadowy figures who are determined to destroy his dynasty – Christoph Becker.

(London –> Lubinia)

Paperback to be out on 17th April 2012

New colours

Thought, after two years, the site could do with a colour change and a banner alteration. 🙂

Finally a bookstore had a copy of “A Rogue of My Own” – and I plan to get to reading it as soon as I finish the book I am currently reading.

Hello all

Well, I haven’t been able to read the last two of Johanna’s books and that is really getting me down. Here, in Mumbai, I have to wait for quite a bit before they hit the stores. Or the other option is that I have to order them from Amazon. This time I decided to wait – but the paperbacks were to release sometime in February but haven’t as yet…sigh…

I have put up an interview Viking Princess sent in a comment. It lets us know a little more about our beloved Ms Lindsey. 🙂 Hope it is an interesting read for all. Once again, thanks, Viking Princess, for sending in the link.

Johanna Lindsey Revealed

What is your birthdate?
Previous occupations:
Writing was my first occupation, begun at age 23.
Favorite job:
Umm, writing?
High school and/or college:
Kailua High School in Hawaii
Name of your favorite composer or music artist?
I don’t actually listen to much music since I need quiet to work. But I would say Queen (group) from way back.
Favorite movie:
I don’t have a favorite. If it makes me laugh, I like it.
Favorite television show:
That would have to be Scrubs. I think I’ve bought all Seasons they have available so far.

Revealing Questions

Q. How would you describe your life in only 8 words?
A. Currently, peaceful and full of laughter. Overall–amazing.

Q. How would you describe perfect happiness?
A. I don’t think anything that broad in scope can be described. It’s one of those ‘to each his own’. For me it’s rather simple–sharing my life with someone I love.

Q. What’s your greatest fear?
A. Loss of loved ones.

Q. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose to be?
A. Where I am.

Q. What are your most overused words or phrases?
A. Cool. Yeah, it’s outdated, but it’s a rare day you’ll catch me saying ‘awesome.’

Q. If you could acquire any talent, what would it be?
A. I used to paint with oils. Didn’t have much talent for it, and I don’t have the patience to actually acquire some skill for it, but if I could, that would be–cool.

Q. What is your greatest achievement?
A. That all of my books have made the New York Times list, including four in the #1 spot.

Q. What’s your greatest flaw?
A. That I smoke.

Q. What’s your best quality?
A. My will-power, when I choose to let it work.

Q. If you could be any person or thing, who or what would it be?
A. This question doesn’t relate to me, since I’ve never wished to be anything other than what I am.

Q. What trait is most noticeable about you?
A. My sense of humor.

Q. Who is your favorite fictional hero?
A. James Malory

Q. Who is your favorite fictional villain?
A. Villains are meant to be hated. I have no favorites.

Q. What’s your fantasy profession?
A. Are you kidding me? Being a writer, what could top that?

Q. What 3 personal qualities are most important to you?
A. Trust, dependability, a good sense of humor.

Q. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your days, what would it be?
A. Not thinking about my eternal diet, I’m going to say pizza.

Q. What are your 5 favorite songs?
A. What you Give-Tesla. Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good-Nickelback. Overkill-Colin Hay. Feeling Good–Nina Simone. As a Judgement–Ennio Morricone.

On Books and Writing

Q. Who are your favorite authors?
A. I would have to say Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and Rosemary Rogers who started this wonderful genre.

Q. What are your 5 favorite books of all time?
A. The Wolf and the Dove, Sweet Savage Love, The Clan of the Cave Bear, and two of my own, Tender Rebel and Warrior’s Woman.

Q. Is there a book you love to reread?
A. Don’t laugh, but I like to reread my own books. A few can make me cry again, and most of them can make me laugh again.

Q. Do you have one sentence of advice for new writers?
A. Put your heart into what you’re writing. If you can’t laugh at your own characters, or shed a tear for them, or even get angry at one of them, no one else will either.

Q. What comment do you hear most often from your readers?
A. That they love the Malorys.  So do I.

Q. How did you come to write Rogue of My Own?
A. In a word–Rupert. He was created near the end of a prior book, The Devil who Tamed Her, and he ended up being too handsome, so I toned that down by making him seem somewhat effeminate. But after that book was finished, I couldn’t stop thinking about him, or kicking myself for giving him that stigma, so I came up with a reason for it, a ruse, an attitude he fostered specifically for his mother. Then suddenly I had the makings of a hero in him, so I gave him his own book to share his unusual motives with my readers.

From Simon & Schuster
Thanks to Viking Princess.

2010 (June), That Perfect Someone (Promised to a Rogue)

2009 (June), A Rogue of My Own

jl1Lady Rebecca Marshall fulfills her mother’s fondest wish when she becomes a maid of honor at the court of Queen Victoria. Having been disappointed two years ago when the Duke of Norford’s heir Raphael Locke married another woman, Rebecca’s mother sees this court appointment as a golden opportunity for Rebecca. At court, Rebecca meets the charming marquis Rupert St. John, whom Rebecca knows as the devastatingly handsome n’er-do-well cousin of Raphael Locke, the man she was once infatuated with. What Rebecca doesn’t know is that Rupert is a secret agent of the crown who leads a double life.

Rebecca strikes up a lively flirtation with Rupert, but when Rupert realizes she’s spying on him he seduces her. He hardly suspects that she’s an innocent and he’s horrified when she reveals she is pregnant! Forced to the altar by their families, Rupert believes that Rebecca has set a trap of the worst sort in order to marry into the powerful Locke family. And her vows that theirs will not simply be a marriage in name only; he plans to enjoy many passionate nights with his beautiful, scheming wife.

Haardrad Family Tree

Just finished working on this one. If anyone can fill in the blanks within the tree, do let me know. This is one of my favourite series. I’ve forgotten to add Selig’s wife, Erika.

Anthony Malory’s Family Tree

One of the books I liked, which came second to Regina’s story, was Anthony Malory’s in Tender Rebel. In keeping with tradition, Johanna had this brother, too, have a love-child, Katey – though Jeremy should actually be James’ illegitimate child, since there was no great love between James and Jeremy’s mother. Katey, then, has her own love story with Georgina’s brother, Boyd, in No Choice But Seduction.

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