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2017 (July), Beautiful Tempest

beautifultempestBook 12 in the Malory Family Series

#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey now reveals the tempestuous story of Jacqueline Malory whose furious desire for revenge leads to a confrontation with the handsome pirate who abducted her – and sparks a much steamier kind of desire.

For the first time, James Malory and his Anderson in-laws agree on something: It’s payback time for the culprit who kidnapped James and Georgina’s beloved daughter Jack from her American debutante party and whisked her away to the Caribbean, no matter that she escaped unscathed. James figured out who masterminded the dastardly plot and is leading a fleet of ships to the West Indies to deliver some Malory-style retribution.

More interested in revenge than in finding a husband during her first London Season, Jack is furious that her father left her behind. Then an intriguing stranger leads her and her older brother Jeremy to her mysterious abductor. But instead of capturing him, the Malory siblings wind up as his ” guests” on a ship sailing away from England. As Jack re-engages in a battle of wills with her all too attentive captor, she realizes he is no ordinary pirate, perhaps no pirate at all, but a nobleman determined to settle a score that dates back to the days when her father was known as Captain Hawk – and what endangers her most is the increasingly passionate attraction they feel for each other.

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1988 (December), Silver Angel

Kidnapped and sold into slavery, Chantelle Burke was led into the Pasha’s scented chambers swearing she’d never surrender to this ruthless master. But she was stunned by the magnificently handsome man who awaited her amid the silk and splendor. His piercing emerald eyes held her in their power; his muscular embrace made her weak with desire even as she defied him. She was his to do with as he would.

Yet this mysterious stranger- whose eastern garb concealed his true identity- touched her only with tenderness, driving her wild with new sensation, his scorching kisses igniting the fires of her very soul . . . sweeping her beyond the harem walls into a palace of love’s eternal dream.

1978, A Pirate’s Love

Sailing westward toward the Caribbean sun, young Bettina Verlaine obediently sets out to fulfill the promise made by her father–but not by her heart — a prearranged marriage destined not to be…once the notorious Captain Tristan’s pirate ship appears on the horizon.
Abducted by the bold and handsome brigand, the pale-haired beauty surrenders her innocence in the warm caress of the tropical winds — detesting her virile captor for enslaving her. . .yet loving him for the passionate spell he casts over fragile, yearning heart.

1977, Captive Bride

Johanna Lindsey. Captive Bride. New York: Avon Books, 1977.

From the moment Philip Caxton sets his eyes upon lovely Englishwoman Christine Wakefield, he knows that he must have her. Born half-Arab and known among his people as Sheik Abu, he plots to have her kidnapped and brought to his remote camp in the desert.

Christina is angry and frightened when she suddenly becomes the helpless captive of this strikingly handsome stranger…but is soon weakened by her heart’s blazing desire to explore her virile captor’s most sensuous cravings. Her idyllic time with Abu is interrupted when she is kidnapped again, this time by another tribe. This act was done in order to lure the sheik to their camp so that an act of revenge for a past misdeed may be carried out. Abu rushes to Christina’s rescue and, after escaping a slow death, brings his beloved back to the safety of his camp. But their happiness is shortlived when Christina is falsely told that Abu no longer desires her and wishes her to leave. With a broken heart, she leaves the desert to return to her past life in England.

But nothing will ever be the same, as she still loves Abu and fears she may never see him again. Or will she?

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