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Hello, everyone.

Just wanted to write in here and wish everyone a warm hello. I am so glad to know that this blog has been liked by so many fans of Johanna Lindsey. It also has 49 followers! One more and we get 50! Trust me, I didn’t realise that it would be liked at all, so it really is a pleasure to know that the work is appreciated.

How is everyone finding the last book “When Passion Rules”? I am waiting for it to release in paperback. The setting is something I look forward to reading and the plot seems quite interesting. I know there are a lot of Malory family fans who will probably throw stuff at me for saying this, but I am glad Lindsey stayed away from Regency England for a change. 😀

Well, do keep posting comments, I read them all, though I may not get a chance to write in replies every time. I apologise in advance for that but do know that your feedback is deeply required and appreciated.

Until the next,



Changed the Look

A very warm hello to all of you.

I thought the blog could do with a revamp and so I have changed the look.

The attached thumbnail was the previous look.

I hope you all like the new feel to the blog. It has better options for accessibility.

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