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Haardrad Family Tree

Just finished working on this one. If anyone can fill in the blanks within the tree, do let me know. This is one of my favourite series. I’ve forgotten to add Selig’s wife, Erika.


Anthony Malory’s Family Tree

One of the books I liked, which came second to Regina’s story, was Anthony Malory’s in Tender Rebel. In keeping with tradition, Johanna had this brother, too, have a love-child, Katey – though Jeremy should actually be James’ illegitimate child, since there was no great love between James and Jeremy’s mother. Katey, then, has her own love story with Georgina’s brother, Boyd, in No Choice But Seduction.

James Malory’s Family Tree

We meet this part of the family in two of Johanna’s novels: Gentle Rogue and A Loving Scoundrel. In the first we read about James Malory and his involvement with his cabin boy *wink*, George – who turns out to be a lovely belle called Georgina. In the second installment, we have his first son as the hero.

Melissa Malory’s Family Tree

We don’t get to meet with Melissa at all, since she dies two years after Regina is born. But through the story of Regina, we get the introduction to the entire Malory Clan, in Love Only Once.

Edward Malory’s Family Tree

We read of this part of the Malory family in the book, The Magic of You, where Edward Malory’s youngest, Amy, falls in love with Warren Anderson.

Jason Malory’s Family Tree

We learn more about Jason’s side of the family in The Present and when his son, Derek, falls in love, in Say You Love Me.

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